KZN Photography Excitement

Well this week we really had some fun photographing on the KZN South Coast. Within the last week we have had three different models. Different locations with totally different styles. As a KZN photographer we have had such a blast being creative. With All the … Continue readingKZN Photography Excitement

Matric Dance Photography, KZN

A little while ago I put out a post on some matric dance idea’s we were dying to try. A few weeks after that we got our opportunity. Two amazing couple’s decided to try something different with us doing their matric dance photography.¬†We started with … Continue readingMatric Dance Photography, KZN

Choosing a Photographer, KZN South Coast

How do you choose a photographer on the KZN, South Coast. Well this is a topic that I have discussed before and is definitely a topic of great debate and contest. I see a lot of posts on Facebook¬†where people are looking for a photographer. … Continue readingChoosing a Photographer, KZN South Coast

South Coast Maternity Photography, KZN

A South Coast Maternity Photographer, CC Photography. We love sharing in the experience of the gift of life as a South Coast Maternity Photographer. Coming from a medical background the miracle of child bearing and child birth is simply amazing. And we love sharing our … Continue readingSouth Coast Maternity Photography, KZN

Top Wedding Photography Trends 2018 for KZN

It is important for us to photograph each and every wedding photography shoot with a difference. No one wants the same photographs as some one else. It is for this exact reason that we always follow top photographers around the world. Keeping up with new … Continue readingTop Wedding Photography Trends 2018 for KZN