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We specialize in any corporate video requirement’s.

From web site video shorts and catalog video to full corporate promotional video’s. When choosing a corporate video, you need to make sure the corporate videographer you choose has a extensive knowledge of corporate filming and filming equipment. As well as their post editing skills. This will ensure that we can accomplish any of your requirements that your business may have.

Our corporate video packages are structured to suite any situation. We want to be able to accommodate any and all of your business requirements and will be more than willing to customize a corporate package if you need.

Our Corporate Packages include:

– Pre planning meeting
– Location or studio video shoots
– A Presentation USB
– A selection of optional extra’s
– Fully licence music for social media distribution

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As an Olympus Ambassador we pride ourselves in using high quality gear and trending international techniques. This is to make sure that you, as a client get the best out of your experience with CC Photography and video.

There is nothing worse then looking at your photographs which leave you with a bad feeling and disappointed. Make sure that you are comfortable with the photographer you choose. It is important to research your photographer and look at their portfolio, view their social media posts. There is nothing wrong with requesting a pre-meeting to get to know your photographer better.

We would be honored to be part of your amazing photo shoot, and would be happy to meet with you at any time.

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Don’t be let down by a photographer that tells you what you want to hear.