Family Photo Shoot Idea’s KZN, Top 5

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Its coming to that time of the year again where everyone is getting ready for a holiday and special occasions. Family photo shoot  time.

But why take the same old photo’s, try something new, something fun and something memorable. Creating memories are about making memories that you want to look at time and time again. So here are a few idea’s for a family photo shoot. Creating unique and amazing photographs.

Our top 5 Family Photo Shoot Idea’s
Go with a family theme.  

Choose a theme that will make your family stand out. Maybe something that brings you together, or something you all love. A picnic, maybe a movie or even just a holiday theme.

kzn family photographer





Add some color.

 Have a color festival of your own and create a fun family day out of your family photo shoot . With colored powder, paint or even paintball smoke. Have some amazing fun with color.

south coast family photographersouth coast family photographer






Make it Wet.

Because we are based on the kzn south coast we have a lot of sea. With most of our family photo shoots occurring at the beach. Why not get wet. We love families that are willing to take that extra step to get amazing photographs.

south coast family photographer

south coast family photographer






#ashtag it.

Now this I haven’t seen or photographed before. But it is becoming a large trend in the all the styles and types of photography. So why not make it part of your family photo shoot.

Combine special moments.

Create unique memories by combining different moments or occasions. Combine your surprise pregnancy announcement with your family shoot. Or even an engagement surprise with a family shoot. These will make your memories that much more special.south coast family photographysouth coast family photography

So if you are looking for something different and unique, contact us to book us today. We specialize in a wide range of photography styles. Loving to create new and exciting imagery we love the challenge of creating something new. As an Olympus KZN Ambassador we are extremely proud of our camera’s and eager to show off what they can do. We are an amazing team dedicated to bringing you international quality photography and video at an affordable price.

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