South Coast Tourism Video’s KZN

kzn tourism video
SHHHHHH…. We not supposed to tell you what we just been filming.

We have spent the last 2 weeks filming for Ugu Tourism, to create some amazing tourism video’s. I will be the first to admit that this project has been a very large video project. From location scouting and logistics to filming to post production. An amazing experience.

I cant go into an details (sorry) but I really feel it will be worth the wait. But we got to visit and film some amazing locations with some really amazing people. We got to meet some people that are truly passionate about our South Coast and the beauty it holds. We had a lot of help from business owners in arranging permissions and availability of the services. And to all those that helped, we want to say a big thank you in helping make these tourism video’s.

Even tho we still have some filming to do. We have so far worked with amazing models that have given up of their time to help us make these tourism video’s possible. Spending a lot of time with them, we found out they love being in front of the camera, but not as much as behind the camera. All tho I don’t know which one they enjoyed more. To these amazing models we just want to give a big shout out and thank you.

Filming for Tourism Video’s

We have really been challenged to go over and beyond what we thought was possible. Filming with the Olympus camera range. As an ambassador for Olympus it has been a marvel shooting video with these amazing camera’s. The diversity and resilience of these camera’s have made shooting these videos that much easier. Even tho we did not get to shoot everything we wanted. The footage we got was out of this world.