Maternity photo shoot Shelly Beach KZN

maternity photo shoot kzn

We recently did a maternity photo shoot in Shelly Beach KZN at sun set. To be exact it was right on the river at St Mikes beach. I love photographing here because of the valley. During sunset on the South Coast it is so helpful shooting in a river valley as it is the lowest point. and gives you the most amazing sunsets. As well as a little extra time with the sun. The reason for this is most of our coast line has large dunes, hills and buildings which block the sun before it sets.

Meeting the family for the maternity photo shoot, was something really unique. One of the reasons I love doing photography is because you meet a lot of people and get to know them a bit. This family has a very heart wrenching story and yet such a honorable story. Yet this story is not mine to tell. Sorry to tease you a bit.

But you can trust me in saying our maternity photo shoot family is amazing.

One of the new trends with maternity photography has been to do it in combination with the family. Which for me is unique and real. Having a baby is a family adventure and a photo shoot should involve the family as well. So we are really loving this new trend.

So if you are looking for something different and unique, contact us to book us today. We specialize in a wide range of photography styles. Loving to create new and exciting imagery we love the challenge of creating something new. As an Olympus KZN Ambassador we are extremely proud of our camera’s and eager to show off what they can do. We are an amazing team dedicated to bringing you international quality photography and video at an affordable price.