Laughing Forest KZN Wedding

kzn wedding photographer

I will be the first to say we have never photographed at this venue before. Photographing at the Laughing Forest KZN Wedding was absolutely a highlight. I loved the rustic feel of the venue and the ceremony location. The option to have the wedding on the beach makes this such an amazing venue. With train tracks close by and an amazing river. This is a photographers dream.

From the wedding pre-shoot I knew this couple was going to be so much fun. But when we arrived it all started, it was fun after fun multiplied with fun. The Laughing forest KZN wedding photo shoot was off to a wild start. For the next amazing 8 hours we  couldn’t stop laughing. The bridal party made us feel so comfortable which made getting wonderful photographs easy.

We were photographing the portfolio on the train tracks.

Now on the South Coast KZN, we very rarely seen. So we were not expecting any trains. All of a sudden the groom starts saying very calmly, “Here comes a train”. And then all of a sudden starts shouting ” Here comes a train”. Well you had to be the, but you have never seen  everyone scatter for the equipment and to get off the tracks. With this new addition we quickly changed settings and reposed to get some of the most awesome photographs of the train moving behind them as they embraced. An amazing time at the Laughing forest KZN wedding.

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