Matric Dance Photography, KZN

A little while ago I put out a post on some matric dance idea’s we were dying to try. A few weeks after that we got our opportunity.

Two amazing couple’s decided to try something different with us doing their matric dance photography. We started with getting some photos of each matric dance girls dress. Then went in search of a location that would be unique for those specific dress’s. It may sound weird, but I really like to contrast the dress with the locations. I really like to try make the dress pop as much as possible. It is really the pride of that day.

We decided on a location for each matric dance photography shoot.  The first was a old broke down garage in Oslo beach KZN. The second was the old Uvongo bird park.

The biggest enemy of matric dance photography is time. If the hair and make up takes too long it really impacts the shoot. Usually you just have about an hour with your clients on these shoots. Which any photographer will know that these shoots are technical if you want it done properly.

The first amazing matric dance girl was photographed at the old garage, an very unique location. We were lucky enough to get the sun glaring through the tree’s, during the photo shoot. Making for some really amazing photographs. We added in some gels onto the lighting to add a little bit more color to the photographs.

The second location was at the Old Uvongo bird park. Which is now really overgrown and dilapidated. Which is perfect. But outside there is an old rusted car that we placed gelled light onto to again just add some color. What really pops the photographs and made them awesome was the old VW Bug that was there car for the evening. Bright red and in amazing condition. We had some fun with that car.