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We haven’t photographed a wedding at the HillBillion Estate in a while. The last time we did a wedding photography shoot there. There was a beautiful old broken down house across the road. Making some beautiful rustic photographs. Our bride was keen on some rustic styled  wedding photographs. So we set out to find a location like this for her.

We decided on the old Uvongo Bird park. Which over the years has become overgrown with rustic walls and an old worn and weathered piano. The only problem was that some one decided to destroy the old piano. But because rustic locations are hard to come by on the South Coast. We decided to do their wedding photography there anyway.

After a beautiful ceremony at the Margate Baptist Church. We headed off to the Uvongo Bird Park and set up to have some fun. We prefer not to place to much stress on calling it a portfolio shoot but rather fun. This encourages and reassures the couple that they can relax. Equipped with Olympus OMD EM1 and EM10, as well as Olympus FL-600r flashes. We started creating some amazing photographs.

As you probably know I vape, and my assistant at the time also vapes. As we were photographing our couple. I couldn’t help but notice that the clouds from our vapes were creating this mist in the setting sun, shinning through the leaves. So I had to take full advantage of this amazing effect during our wedding photography shoot.

During a wedding, I always look for opportunities to create that amazing image. So during the reception at the HillBillion I found a few amazing locations that when lit properly would definitely yield amazing photographs. After setting up a good few flashes in very strategic places we set about creating these images. All in all we had an amazing time with an amazing couple.

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