Sunrise Family Photo Shoot, KZN Shelly Beach

sunrise famy photo shoot kzn shelly beach

I really don’t like early morning, and you have probably heard me comment on this before. When you get an opportunity to photography an family, or any photo shoot during sunrise. It is well worth getting up early to do a sunrise family photo shoot.

At KZN Shelly beach Ski Boat there is an amazing set of rock that is always accessible. This is probably why I love this location so much. The rocks are not covered in barnacles and are easy to walk on. Making this location a win win.

The key to a successful and brilliant sunrise family photo shoot is the balance the lighting from the front with the sun behind. This can be very tricky as the sun gets higher. As the sun get higher it gets brighter, so all I do is change my couple around to face into the light, but then it sometimes gets very bright for the client to look into the sun. The best tho is turning them to the side and using a fill in light or reflector to bounce the light into the shadows.

This amazing couple were kind enough to wake up early as well and have a sunrise family photo shoot. All tho with a young child, I can imagine they awake early every morning. Probably explains why they had so much energy. They were so much fun and we loved every moment of photographing them.

They loved just spending time together and having fun on the beach which made photographing them so easy. We love capturing the  moment and not just the pose. As you interact we capture those moments for a life time of memories.

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