Choosing a Photographer, KZN South Coast

choosing a photographer
How do you choose a photographer on the KZN, South Coast.

Well this is a topic that I have discussed before and is definitely a topic of great debate and contest. I see a lot of posts on Facebook where people are looking for a photographer. They get so many replies of photographers names  that the last time I actually counted there was over 141 different names mentioned. So in a place like the KZN South Coast, a small town. How do you go about choosing a photographer.

There are a few basic steps that I need to encourage every one choosing a photographer, to do:

  1. Firstly decide do you just want some one to take pictures (in that case don’t carry on reading as this would be a waist of time). Or do you want some one to take photographs. For me there is a difference between a picture and a photograph. A picture is some thing that is just taken, capturing something that just happens regardless on and principles or rules of photography. A photograph is a representation of a moment captured with every element being used to enhance and reveal that moment.  
  2. Now go and do some research. Look at their Facebook page, look at their Instagram account, look at their Pinterest account and see if they have a website with a portfolio. These are all important aspects in looking at what your prospective photographer does and what type of work they produce.
  3. Contact them and request a meeting, no mater what the type of shoot, your prospective photographer you are choosing should be willing to meet with you.

choosing a photographer meeting

These should all be pretty common things, and from my experience is what most people do. So why am I writing something you already know. Well off course there are more things you can do.

This is where things get interesting, and contentious when choosing a photographer.
  1. Look at the photographers work, especially on their website, and compared to their social media. Look at whether these match. This is so important. If the website does not match their social media, are you sure that they are going to deliver a good quality to you.
  2. If you submit a request on their website, how fast do they reply. And do they even phone you. This is something I will admit I even battle with. It is so easy to just send an email reply. But there is a difference if that photographer actually phones you. Speaking to some one really gives you a sense of security.choosing a photographer phone call
  3. Look at their style or Niche of photography. When choosing a photographer you need to make sure that their style makes you go wow. You have to see yourself in their photographs.
  4. Social media is a wonderful tool. And a very insightful one. Facebook especially. Here you can learn what type of person your prospective photographer is. Do they moan and groan a lot, do they interact positively, do they share regularly and what do they share (reruns and common posts, or things that really impact you). These will give you a good indication of what type of person this photographer may be. It could not be more uncomfortable getting to a photo shoot and having a photographer scolding his assistant. Or meeting with your photographer and having them putting all the other photographers down.
  5. Meet with your photographer. Yes this is a repeat, but so important. You want to be comfortable with your photographer. When you are being photographed, we always…. ALWAYS tell our clients that if they are uncomfortable they are going to see it in their photographs. And if you are uncomfortable with your photographer you will see it. Some photographers are more sensual than others. If you are not comfortable with this your photographs, despite how well taken they are. Are just going to be… well pictures.choosing a photographer

We hope this has helped you choose a photographer on the KZN South Coast

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