Couple Photography Shelly Beach KZN

couple photography shelly beach kzn

KZN South Coast has an amazing selection and variety of locations to have your couple photography session. Having a long and beautiful coast-line which is the most chosen location. To having beautiful mountain ranges and forestry area’s. A marvel of God’s creation.

I met this couple at Shelly Beach Ski Boat. A stunning little beach that despite its activity, is still beautiful. The reason I say this is because usually a well visited and busy beach usually deteriorates. This is definitely not the case with this beach.

The couple chose to have their couple photography done at sunset. Which is a golden time to do a photo shoot, one of two golden time. The light is so beautiful and soft, and complementing that with fill light is easy.

It was a bit of a surprise when I met this couple, because she was in a wheel chair. It is not the first time I have photographed wheel chair patients or even been around them. As a paramedic I was definitely exposed to many wheel chairs. The posing you would think would be challenging, but personally I love to have my clients sitting rather than standing. I just feel it to be far more relaxing and more natural.

So we set out doing the couple photography by the rocks. With the beautiful sunset in the back ground and some amazing clouds. It was a great start to the shoot. What really took me back tho was the amazing personality of the couple. There wasn’t any awkwardness or weird vibe. He was so loving and she was so flamboyant. They both just knew what each other needed and really acted as one person. You would never say that she was disabled. This is what I tried to capture in the photographs.

In this couple photography session I used the Olympus OMD EM1 with a 12-40mm 2.8 lense. I used the setting sun as a soft back light and then filled in with a simple on flash off camera. An Olympus FL-600. I used a 2.8 aperture and when needed used high speed sync. But with the low light it wasn’t often.