Top 5 Wedding guest dresses for a beach wedding, South Coast, KZN

Top 5 Wedding guest dresses for a beach wedding on the South Coast, KZN

Alot of blogs concentrate on wedding dresses, but what do the guests wear to a beach wedding, looking great but not out shining the bride.

I am not a female, but I am married to an amazing woman. But she is pedantic about what she wears. So I have got first hand experience on how hard it is for a lady to get dressed for a wedding. This is what got me thinking about what guests wear to a beach wedding. I must really admit that this was not an easy task. Beach Weddings are usually very casual, but its a wedding so you cant be too casual.

So I turned to google, and found that there is not really much there about guest wedding dresses for a beach wedding. After a lot of searching I found some dresses that I thought would be perfect for a beach wedding. Formal yet casual is my best description, I am definitely not a fashion guru. I am sure tho, that these dresses would make you stand out. Yet not over shadowing the bride.

Well here are our top 5 choices for wedding guests attending a beach wedding. We are definitely not designers or fashion advisers, but combining experience in attending beach weddings, we have chosen these 5 dresses.

The reason we have chosen them is because of the usual color scheme associated with beach weddings and the comfort of a beach wedding.

And our favorite, simply because it stands out from the rest and because it breaks the teal and blue schemes, is this dress.

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