Matric Dance Idea’s, KZN South Coast

Matric Dance Idea's, KZN South Coast

The Matric dance has always been a big event in every scholars career. Photographers have always photographed the matric dance kinda like school photos. Stand there, look at the camera and smile. With the addition of lighting and improvements on knowledge of camera’s. The usual photographs of the matric dance have come out okay.

But what about thinking of the photo shoot more as a fashion shoot than a school photo shoot, imagine the possibilities.

Sal Cincotta is my idol when it comes to Matric Dance Photo’s, altho in St Louis. They are referred to as Senior photographs; his concepts are exactly my style. The featured image is one of Salvitor Cincotta’s images, it is a masterful combination of art and fashion.

As Sal describes his approach, the senior bring a selection of a wardrobe, which he then selects his favorite. His wife then plans the shoots around those outfits and the clients personality, the aim is to match the locations to the clients personalities and outfits, these shoots take sometimes most of the day with travel and wardrobe.

In South Africa, there is no matric dance  photo shoot like that, but imagine merging the 2 concepts. We have more of a formal couples shoot, kinda a blend between a couples shoot a fashion shoot. Weird to describe… But now imagine taking the couples outfits and personality into consideration and selecting a location that really emphases and pops these, but only doing this within 1 to 2 hours with the end product being closer to styled fashion.

We have done a few styled wedding shoots which were amazing and this is our aim for matric dance photos.

Now just to get some clients to agree and let us create amazing imagery.

kzn south coast matric dance photographer
Images from Salvatore Cincotta
kzn south coast matric dance photographer
Images from Salvatore Cincotta
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